Ace Your NHS Consultant Interview eBook

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In 2021, I realised that everyone having Consultant interviews was worried about the same things.

I talked to candidates, interviewers, and communication experts to synthesise the collective wisdom on how to handle any interview situation.

The result? A 78-page book.

This book, Ace Your NHS Consultant Interview, provides answers for every challenge you’ll face in your interview.

It combines my experience as a candidate, and as a panelist, along with the advice and wisdom gained from speaking to over 50 interview experts.

It will help senior trainees, or locum consultants, to walk into their job interview confidently, effectively, and purposefully.

What's in the book?

Inside, I’ll share how to come up with good examples, how to learn what you need to know about the organisation you’re applying to, and what tips and tricks you need to bring your best self on the day in spite of your nerves.

I’ll also share how to answer the most common questions you’ll get asked, how to make sure your answers are structured and the right length, and how to cope with a surprise question. 

The book includes exercises, links to videos, and examples of how you can head into your interview feeling prepped and ready.

It was developed to help you go into your job interview with confidence, knowing that you have frameworks, structure, the necessary knowledge, and are well-practiced.

And, a book is the right thing to help you as you can read it in your own time. The Ace Your NHS Consultant Interview book can become your guide to nail your interview.

Our team has tested and proven the method and strategies you’re about to learn with hundreds of trainees.

There are tips here that I haven’t published or shared anywhere else. You’ll only find them in this book, Ace Your NHS Consultant Interview.

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Ace Your NHS Consultant Interview eBook

0 ratings